How to enter HP unlock codes

Models : HP iPaq 6320, 6325, 6510, 6515

1. Switch ON the mobile with a sim card that is not accepted
2. The phone will prompt you for an unlock code
3. Enter the Unlock Code

Models : HP iPaq 6315

1. On the Today screen, tap Start > Settings.
2. Tap the Phone Band icon.
3. Tap Shift + Ctl key to enable the keys.
4. Tap the area below the band selection box to open the unlock tool.
5. Tap Shift + Ctl to disable the keys.
Shift +Ctl keys
Shift + Ctl keys
6. Enter the 8-digit unlock code and tap OK when done.
7. Wait for the device to validate the unlock code (about five seconds)

After five seconds You will see one of the following screens:

Unlock successful.
Unlock failed due to incorrect code. The user has three attempts to unlock.
After three attempts, the device will refuse any more unlocking attempts.
Perform a soft reset to reset the counter to perform additional unlocking attempts.
Device is not ready for unlocking. This error message displays when the user tries to unlock when the phone application (not the device) is not in a steady state. It takes 30 seconds after powering on the phone for it to reach a steady state.