How to enter Samsung Unlock codes

Step 1: Check which Lock level is applied on Your Samsung Phone

Most networks only lock their Samsung handsets with the NCK lock enabled. Therefore you should only need to use this code when following the unlock code input instructions.

However, some networks will have dual locks in place (whereby the NCK and another lock is enabled) or they may have just an alternative lock level such as SCK or SPCK.

It is best practice to be 100% sure which lock level is present on your handset, to do this follow the instructions below:

Enter the following code into your handset while it is turned on and connected to its locked network: *#7465625#

(By this we mean the connected to the network your handset is locked to (if you are locked to Orange, insert an Orange SIM card into your handset)

A menu will be displayed that will resemble the following…

1. Network lock [xxx]
2. Subset lock [xxx]
3. SP lock [xxx]

(xxx = Value ON or OFF)

If only the Network lock is displayed saying ON then you will only need to use the NCK code with the instructions below. If you see the Subset lock value as ON then you will need the SCK code and if you see the SP lock value as ON you will need the SPCK code.

The unfreeze code should only be needed if:

(a) You accidentally freeze your handset by entering too many incorrect codes or not following our unlock instructions accurately.
(b) Your handset displays the ‘phone freeze’ message whenever an alternative network SIM card is inserted into your phone prior to it being unlocked.
(c) You see the ‘return for service’ message.

Now you know the correct lock level of your handset and thus the correct code required for input, you may continue.

Majority of Samsung Models

1 – Switch ON your phone with a not Accepted SIM Card,
2 – Phone will ask for “Password”,
3 – You can now enter the Unlock Code we send to you.

OR (if phone show “Insert Correct SIM Card”)

1 – Switch ON your phone with a not Accepted SIM Card,
2 – Compose : #0111*CODE#

Samsung i616 Jack or Blackjack2 from Fido Canada

1. Power ON your phone with a FIDO SIM Card that the phone is locked to
2. Type #7465625*638*
3. Network Lock Screen appear, enter UNLOCK CODE
4. Device is now unlocked

Samsung A767 (Propel), A437, T459 (Gravity)

1 – Power on without SIM
2 – Type in #7465625*638*Unlock code# (8 digit unlock code*)
3 – Device should say: “Network Lock Deactivated”
4 – Phone may automatically reboot

Samsung SGH-T459 (Gravity)

1. Power on without SIM
2. From the standby screen, use the dial pad to enter the number sequence
3. Type in #7465625*638*Unlock code# (8 digit unlock code*)
4. Device should say: “Network Lock Deactivated”

Samsung i900 / Omnia

1 – Switch ON your phone with a NON Accepted SIM Card,
2 – Enter the pin code of this refused Simcard
3 – Device is now asking for another pin code
4 – Then enter the Unlock Code !

Samsung Zxxx, Dxxx, Pxxx & F490 (ex : Z140, D520, P200, etc…)

1 – Switch ON your phone with a not Accepted SIM Card,
2 – Compose : #7465625*638*CODE#

Samsung Z510 et Z320i et Z650i

1 – Switch ON your phone with a not Accepted SIM Card,
3 – Compose **CODE#

Samsung i450 & i560

1 – Switch ON your phone without SIM Card,
2 – Compose #PW+CODE+1#

The letter P appear after press 3 times quickly the button star ( * )
The letter W appear after press 4 times quickly the button star ( * )
The letter + appear after press 2 times quickly the button star ( * )

Samsung i780

1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card
2. Enter the pin code to simcard
3. At the top of screen an “exclamation mark” icon will appear
6. Click on “exclamation mark” icon
7. There will appear link “settings” – click on it
8. Virtual keyboard appears on screen with Enter PIN prompt.
9. Enter your 8-digit unlock code.

Samsung SGH-P207

1. Reset to original factory setting by typing *2767*3855#, youre phone will reboot
2. Then insert a sim card that is from another network that your phone is not locked to.
3. A Wrong sim message will come up on the screen
4. When message appears type in* #9998*3323#
5. At this time a white screen will appear which says “exit”
6. Tap the right soft key, (occasionally it will not go to the next screen, if so press the down key)
7. From the menu that appears scroll down to the malloc Fail option, this will reboot, and normal service screen will appear.
8. Then type *0141# and press the green call key, Personalized will appear on the screen, and the name of the current sim card provider will appear on the screen.
9. Turn phone off, and then turn on
10. Go to menu by tapping left soft key, then settings in bottom right hand corner, then choose option number 7 security, then choose option number 6 Sim Lock, select option 1 disable
11. Then enter 00000000 (eight zeros), the message will come up sim lock disabled with a check mark, your phone is now unlocked to use with other carriers.