Free Blackberry MEP online unlock code generator

This Blackberry MEP online unlock code generator will help you generate the unlock code for your blackberry phone so that you can simply enter it into your smartphone to unlock it instantly. No need to install any software on you blackberry and best of all – IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

To generate the unlock code for your Blackberry phone using the blackberry IMEI MEP unlock code generator below, you will need to supply  the phone’s IMEI number and select the MEP code.

Blackberry MEP Online Unlock Code Generator

Click here for instructions on how to enter the Unlock code into your Blackberry after you have generated the unlock code.

* MEP Code

MEP refers to an identification number placed on all Blackberry smartphones and it stands for “mobile equipment personalisation”. When a network service provider (i.e. Vodafone, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc) places an order with RIM for new Blackberry handsets, these handsets are programmed with firmware to match the service provider’s specifications (e.g. language, logos, etc). This process also embeds a service provider specific MEP number into the engineering screen of the handset. In order to successfully get an unlock code for your Blackberry smartphone, you’ll need to find/provide the MEP code from your Blackberry to unlock it.

If you already know the MEP code then you can simply select it from the list in the Blackberry online MEP code calculator above and you will get your the unlock code for your Blackberry phone. On the other hand, if you don’t know it then read on!

How to find the MEP Number on a Blackberry Smartphone

There are 3 options available to help you get this information.

  1. Check the label in the battery compartment;
  2.  Click here to download our blackberry unlock code generator and MEP reader software that will not only read the MEP code from your phone but you can also use it to generate the MEP unlock code for your phone offline. You will need to connect you Blackberry phone to your PC to use this software. If all else fails you can use the second option below to get the MEP code from your blackberry phone without the need for a cable.
  3.  Follow the instructions below to get the MEP code from your Blackberry phone.

How to get the MEP code from your Blackberry

  1. Go to the the Home Screen of your Blackberry Smartphone.
  2. Access the Help Menu by pressing the Keys Alt + Caps + H.
    Do this by holding down the alt key key, shift key Key and press the H key key.
  3. The display should then show the  following “Help Me” Screen on your Blackberry;
  4. Now find and take not of the App Version, Device PIN and Uptime.
  5. Enter Device App Version, PIN and Uptime as displayed in your phone into the Key Generator below and click Generate Key.
  6. The Key Generator will now give you a Key as per the example below;
  7. Enter this key on the “Help Me” Screen.
    Note: nothing will display on the screen as you type over the Help Me Screen!
  8. The phone will now display “Engineering Screen Contents”, Click “OS Engineering Screens” (See below).
    Blackberry OS Engineering
  9. Click “Device Information”.
  10. Scroll down until you See MEP-XXXXX-XXX (as per below).
  11.  Now that you have this info, you can now use the Blackberry unlock code generator (at the top of this page, to generate your unlock code)