How to root HTC One M8 for Free

{Thanks to,As a result of,Owing to,Because of} HTC’s unlocking bootloader {policy,scheme,approach,rules,strategy} ,you are {free,100% free,totally free} to get your {HTC M8 phone,HTC M8 device,HTC M8 handset} bootloader unlocker {direct,directly} from HTC {so that you can,so that you could,so you can,to help you,for you to} then Root {your,the} HTC M8 {device,phone,handset} ( {essentially,basically,in essence} they promise to always {allow you to,enable you to,permit you to} {do so,do this,do it} ). The {process of,method of,procedure for} Rooting an HTC {device,phone,handset} is not {too hard,hard,too difficult} and the HTC One M8 {is no,is not any} different. {It may seem,It might appear,It may look like,It might seem} like {a lot of,lots of,loads of,a whole lot of} steps , {but they,however they} are all {relatively easy,not difficult,uncomplicated,effortless,relatively simple,straightforward,rather simple,straight forward} and fool proof {since,because,given that,considering that,due to the fact,considering,considering the fact that} we don’t {have to,need to} hack the {device,phone,handset} , again , {thanks to,as a result of,owing to,due to} HTC {allowing,permitting,making it possible for,enabling} us to {do this,accomplish this,achieve this,make this happen}.
{In this,In this particular,In this specific} {procedure,technique} we’ll {be using,be utilising,make use of,be utilizing,making use of} Hasoon’s {All-in-One,All in one} toolkit to help automate the {process of,steps involved in,procedure for} unlocking the bootloader of the HTC One M8 , {then,and then,then simply} flashing a custom recovery , {followed by,and also,after that} then installing SuperSU to {manage,control,administer,supervise} what applications get root permissions , etc.

{Why should you,Why} do this {you ask,i hear you ask,you may well ask} ? Well, {a lot of,lots of,a number of,plenty of,loads of,a whole lot of,numerous,several} reasons {including,such as,which include} :

  • Remove {apps,applications,software applications} {that were,which were,that had been,which are,that have been,which have been,that are} preinstalled by {your,the} carrier/manufacturer from your {device,phone,handset}.
  • Free up {storage space,storage,space} ( {because of,due to,as a result of} the above benefit ).
  • Increase battery life ( {apps,applications,programs,software applications,software} that might {have been,happen to be} running {constantly,continuously} can be removed ).
  • Increase {performance,overall performance} ( after {removing,getting rid of,the removal of} {apps,applications,programs,software applications,software} that are {always,constantly} running , the {device,phone,handset} {will be,is going to be} {less,much less,considerably less,far less} {bogged down,slowed down} {and,and also,as well as} {run,operate} smoother ).
  • Update to {a new,a different} version of Android ( by flashing a {custom,customized} recovery/ROM , {see,check} the end of this procedure for {more,extra,further} info on that ).
  • Tons of {other,additional} customizations {when you use,by using} your new {found,discovered} administrative rights to flash a {custom,customized} ROM ( {again,once again} , {see,check} the end {of this,on this} procedure for more {info on,information on,information regarding,information about,details about} that ).

{Before You Begin,Before You Start}:

1. {This will,This should} work on {all,almost all,just about all} models of the HTC One M8 ( AT&T , T-Mobile , Sprint , {and,and also,as well as,together with,in addition to} International Models ). {Apparently,It seems that} , Verizon has blocked their {devices,phones,handsets} from {being able to,having the ability to,being allowed to} use HTC’s bootloader unlocking tool , so they are {stuck,trapped} {for now,for the present time,for the time being,for the moment} {unfortunately,regrettably}.
2.  {Make sure,Ensure,Make certain,Make sure that,Be sure that,Ensure that} {your,the} battery is over 80% charged to {ensure,make certain,guarantee,be sure,ensure that} it doesn’t {die,die out} {unexpectedly,abruptly,unintentionally,inadvertently} during this {process,procedure}.
3. {This process,This method,This procedure} may void all or parts of {your,the} warranty according to HTC.
4. {This will,It will} {erase,delete,wipe out} {all the information,everything} on {your,the} {device,phone,handset} , {so,therefore,hence} {be sure to,make sure you,be sure you,ensure you,make sure to,remember to} save {anything you want,whatever you want,everything you want} to keep to {your computer,your pc} before continuing.
5. This only {works for,applies to} PCs.
6. On the HTC One M8 , go to Settings > Battery Manager > Turn OFF Fastboot.

{Download,Downloading} and {Install,Installing} the Toolkit

1. {Head to,Go to,Visit} the developer’s {page,website,site} here and download the {latest,most recent} version of the toolkit you see on that {page,web page,website,webpage} and save it to your desktop.
2.Extract his toolkit {if you,in the event you} don’t have {a way to,a method to} extract.rar files {already,currently}, then download WinRar to extract the file.

{Unlock,Unlocking} {Your,The} HTC One M8’s Bootloader.

1. {Open,Open up,Start} the toolkit
2. {Select,Choose,Pick} Download HTC Drivers {and then,after which} {click,click on,simply click,just click} Go.
3. Install the drivers.
4. Back in the toolkit , {select,choose,pick} Register at HTCDev {and,and then} {hit,click} go ( follow the {steps,procedures} on the HTCDev site to register or login {if you,should you} already have an account ).
5. On the HTC One M8 , go to Settings > About > Software Information > Tap build number over and over until it {tells you,says,notifies you} you are now a developer.
6. Go to Settings > Developer Options and turn ON USB Debugging. Video below showing the process.

[relatedYouTubeVideos relation=”keywords” terms=”enable usb debugging HTC m8″ exact=”false” max=”1″ showVideoTitle=”true” lang=”en” orderBy=”relevance” start=”0″ width=450 height=250]
7. Plug the HTC One M8 in via USB.
8. Highlight Get Token ID and click Go.

HTC M8 Get Token ID9. {Close,Shut} the command prompt {when,once} the {device,phone,handset} {enters,goes into} Fastboot mode.
10. Right-click in the {second,2nd} command prompt and select Mark and copy everything from <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> to <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>> {and,and then} paste it into a text editor for later use.
11. Highlight Submit Token ID and {hit,click} Go.
12. Login to HTCDev {and then,and,then} go to {and,and then} {click on,click} Unlock Bootloader.
13. {Select,Choose,Pick} the HTC One M8 from the drop down on the right and click Begin Unlock Bootloader.
14. Skip the steps and hit next {until you,up until you} get to a text box to input the Token ID.
15. Paste your entire Token ID into the text box and {click,click on} Submit.
16. Save the Unlock_code.bin file {that is,which is} emailed to you to your desktop.
17. Highlight Unlock Bootloader and {click,click on,simply click,hit} Go.
18. Select the Unlock_code.bin file and {click,click on} OK.
19. On the {device,phone,handset} , use the volume button to highlight Yes and push power to select it.
20. {Go through,Proceed through} {your,the} setup {process,procedure} {when,once} it reboots.

{Flash,Flashing} a Custom Recovery on the HTC One M8

1. {Re-enable,Reenable} USB Debugging by going to Settings > About > Software Information > Tap build number {over and over,repeatedly} until it {tells you,says,indicates,notifies you} you are now a developer.
2. Go to Settings > Developer Options {and,and then} turn ON USB Debugging.
3. Highlight the custom recovery {you want to,you would like to} flash ( the ones labelled for specific {carriers,service providers} i.e. Sprint {must be,has to be} used if using that version of the device ) {and,and then} {click,click on} Flash Recovery.
4. {When,Once} the {device,phone,handset} boots back into Fastboot mode , {close,shut} the {first,1st} command prompt.
5. {When,Once} it {says,shows} finished in the {second,2nd} command prompt , {close,shut,exit} it.
6. {Using,Utilizing} the volume {buttons,control keys} to navigate and power to select choose Reboot on the {device,phone,handset}.

{Root,Rooting} the HTC One M8

HTC M8 Perm Root
HTC M8 Perm Root


1. Highlight Perm Room under Extras and click Run.
2. {After you,Once you,As soon as you,When you,Immediately after you} see that a file transferred , {close,shut} the {first,1st} command prompt.
3. {Once,As soon as,After} the {device,phone,handset} reboots into recovery mode , tap on Install.
4. Select the file {and,and then} swipe to flash it.
5. Tap Reboot > System.
6. Done!