How to root Jiayu F1 with Framaroot

Rooting your Jiayu F1 using Framaroot is simple however but be aware that rooting your Jiayu F1 will void your device’s warranty.

We have compiled simple to follow instructions below to help you root your Jiayu F1 using the Framaroot one-click root apk software. Before continuing, check your Jiayu F1 exploit version is compatible with this software before using the Framaroot one-click root apk software to root your Jiayu F1 .

Rooting your Jiayu F1 with Framaroot one-click apk guide.

1. Download the latest Framaroot root software and it across to your Jiayu F1 or for your convenience, you can use the QR code to download Framaroot directly from and to your Android device.
Download framaroot QR code
2. Install the apk into your Jiayu F1 (you will have to enabling installation of applications from unknow sources on your Jiayu F1 in order to install the framaroot apk)
3. Open the Framaroot application on your Jiayu F1 , install SuperSU from dropdown menu and select the relevant exploit.
4. Framaroot will now root your Jiayu F1 and install SuperSU. You should get a “Success message” when it’s done.
Jiayu F1  framaroot apk root success
5. Reboot the device. Done!

View the video below for as a visual guide to the above process on how to use the Framaroot software to root your Jiayu F1 .

For a list of FAQ’s and support with any issues with Framaroot application visit XDA developersforum.